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This free university preparation program is an innovative and engaging course for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The program is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to succeed at university. It is delivered both in Alice Springs and in Darwin.

Students attend face-to-face workshops either in Alice Springs

or Darwin followed by work to be completed at home. Travel and

accommodation is arranged for students who don’t live in Alice

Springs or Darwin.


While it is a pathway into university, it is more than just learning

the required academic skills. Students also uncover the necessary

dimensions of successful adult learning – such as confidence,

resilience and the ability to learn new things. Students and staff

bring together their Indigenous and academic knowledge systems

to develop a strong ‘Both-ways’ learning identity.



Batchelor Institute provides a culturally safe learning environment

for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from all Australian

states and territories.

Students often speak of Batchelor Institute’s ‘Both-ways’ approach

that brings together Indigenous Australian and Western academic

Knowledges in a way that embraces respect, tolerance and

diversity. Batchelor Institute courses are designed to incorporate

Indigenous Knowledges and ways of learning in all aspects of the

learning journey.



Batchelor Institute‘s small groups and supportive learning environment help students meet their learning and professional goals.


PTS is a recognised University preparation course. Successful completion gives automatic entry into most Batchelor Institute, CDU and SA Universities Higher Education courses. 


All Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who are 18 years or older are eligible to apply. The PTS course is most suitable for people who have completed at least Year 10 at school or a Certificate III qualification.


There is no cost to apply. Once you have applied you will be sent academic activities which will show us the things that you can already do well and what you will be able to learn in the future. Your answers will help the lecturers work out if PTS is the best course or if there is a better course for you.

Applications open on 1st May

You can apply to enrol by filling out the following online application form: bit.ly/1Yx76IX



PTS course coordinator: Catherine Maughan

Email: pts@batchelor.edu.au

FREECALL: 1800 677 095

Phone: 08 8951 8305


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